Do You Want Your Outfit To Tell The World Something About Who You Are?

Outfit contest

We at La Tropique believe that cultivating a unique personal style is one way of sharing a small piece of your story with the world. A striking ensemble creates a sense of intrigue. More often than not, we never have the chance to ask the person who has commanded our attention about their look. 

We’d like your help in changing that!

We are calling all DIY fashionistas worldwide who would love to unravel the elements of their style for us. Each week, we’ll feature two different girls and share their stories on what they’d like the world to understand about them through it. 

To apply, please send a full-length, high-resolution photograph of yourself with a description of what your style means to you, including a breakdown of your ensemble and where each piece came from. If the pieces themselves have a particularly good story about how you made or obtained them, we’d love to hear that too! Bonus points if you’ve already begun incorporating marble patterns into your getup. 

Don’t worry if you haven’t jumped on board yet, though — your submission will automatically enter you into our upcoming giveaways for a chance to win one of our hot marble patterned accessories. And we already know we’re going to love how you style it. 

Keep checking back for official dates on when this will launch and much more!

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