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I'm Emma, a Virtual Assistant, and Storyteller living in Athens, Greece!

The dress I'm wearing was designed by a local California designer, Ray Ray, and given to me to sample when we were working together at Peralta Junction,  a combination carnival, craft fair and performance space, in Oakland. While stripes and a traditional black/white combo aren't generally my style, what I loved about it was exactly that. I felt like an altogether different character. I delight in the concept of costume changes and experimenting with new styles when the occasion calls for it. My style is constantly evolving, and I'm always open to trying something different, especially when it's handmade with love by a fellow artist! Below is another picture from the same day of me modeling an outfit more traditionally my style by The Window Lady.

The rings I'm wearing are both made from turquoise, a stone I'm often drawn to in jewelry. The one on my left hand was given to me by my mother shortly after she discovered I had the same predisposition to it that she did. The one on my right hand I chose for myself during an impromptu trip down Hwy 1 in California with my friend, Mila.

We stopped off in Bodega Bay (most famous for being the backdrop in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds") to have a picnic on the beach and happened upon a shop which sold everything from driftwood wind chimes to antique carnival dolls and swords. The proprietor made a point to pull out a red velvet square of rings from beneath the counter and set it before us. There were only about seven in the handpicked assortment. Mila chose a thin silver band with a rectangle of onyx, and I, the oddly shaped silver feather curled around a loose turquoise stone. Both were perfect complements to our chosen aesthetic. 

In general, I love the vintage and vintage inspired clothing. Unfortunately, it isn't so easy to find locally here in Greece, so I have to do most of my shopping online now. A few designers whose work I enjoy are Dressific, Yumi, Field Day, and Black Milk (pictured below). 

I describe my style as vibrant picnic lady vintage. You will rarely catch me in anything other than a dress or skirt outside of the gym. I enjoy simple, sweet prints and patterns in the 50s day dress style with a full skirt, V-neck, fitted waist and a simple belt. Mint green, golden yellow, coral and pin-up red are the colors I'm most often drawn to. 


Once I started collecting vintage, I became far more attached to the clothes I bought because they're virtually irreplaceable. Even the vintage inspired items you would have a hard time finding something comparable in your average store. My most treasured accessory is a tie between my handmade labradorite necklace and the engraved antique silver locket given to me by my boyfriend, Paris. As far as current fashion trends go, I love all the dusty rose and coral colored dresses I've been seeing out for summer. The comeback of flowy one piece jumpsuits, not so much.


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