Hillary Horne, USA, Amateur Seamstress


Hillary Horne's style is vintage, or homemade vintage inspired. For as long as she can remember, old things have fascinated her, especially how she can re-use or re-imagine an item to let it live again. She derives a great deal of her inspiration from the internet and social media. She loves the ease in which she's able to search particular vintage magazine clippings or pattern drawings from different eras to use as a reference for her own creations. 


Her chosen outfit, a mushroom print dress, is one of her favorite designs. Originally, she had bid on a daisy version of this dress but lost the auction. Undaunted, she saved the pictures of the daisy dress and waited for a suitable substitute. When the mushroom print surfaced, she jumped on it and used those images to create a mock up pattern. The dress took about a week to create based on this design and has been a staple in her wardrobe every since. She especially loves the Peter Pan style collar, and the cinched waist, common elements she's drawn to in dresses. Hillary prides herself on being part of the "No Pants Posse" regardless of the season or occasion. In the winter, she just layers her dresses with thick bright tights and cardigans. If you follow her on Instagram, you'll note one of her most loved tags is #hikinginadress!

Hillary prefers to limit her designer purchases to shoes, vibrant styles which are built to last, strikingly stylish yet comfortable to walk in. Her current favorites are Jeffrey Campbell and Seychelles. The shoes she's paired with the dress are mid-century Italian leather, at one time undoubtedly a designer purchase by an aptly named brand, Top Lady. This pair, however, she lucked out and found in mint condition at a thrift store.


As Hillary shops almost exclusively at thrift and antique stores, she adores that vintage and pre-loved clothes are a trend at the moment. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, the fact that repurposing clothing prevents them from ending up in a landfill is an important issue to her as an environmentally conscious shopper. Her love of vintage does not extend to vintage reproduction designers, however. Despite how well they may pull it off, she simply doesn't like the idea of wearing a copy of something that a hundred other girls will have. She'd always prefer to work a little harder to find or create a one-of-a-kind piece. 

Hillary's most treasured accessory is her 1950's yellow gold set engagement ring given to her by her now-husband, Phil. Flanked by flowers with an amethyst centerpiece, her birthstone, it was an exceptionally tender and thoughtful choice with her unique style in mind.

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